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Computational Investing (part 1)

This was a great opportunity ! Mix my studies (economics and finance) with my professional life (I.T. and development). Computational Investment (from Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, Atlanta) gave a great MOOC about how to build applications that can execute algorithms in order to make decisions of buy or sell on the stock exchange. This is also the first time I took a 'verified' MOOC, meaning that through typing recognition and the use of the webcam, Georgia Tech can 'validate' that I have personally done the home works and the associated quizzes.

MongoDB for DBA

After taking the MOOC about MongoDB for Java developers, I recently enriched my MongoDB knowledge by taking the M102 course provided by 10gen called MongoDB for DBA. Although I am not a Database Administrator (and does not intend to become one), this gave me additional knowledge that can be very useful when designing and implementing an application using MongoDB.

10Gen certification for M101J: MongoDB for Java developers

Last month, I took a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on MongoDB. MongoDB is a NO-SQL database (document oriented) that let you build highly scalable (scale-out pattern) applications. I earned the certificate of the course which was rather targeted at the use of MongoDB for Java based applications.

EdX BerkeleyX certificate for succeeding course Software as a Service

Those last weeks, I took the online course provided by EdX (and University of Berkeley) called Software as a Service (CS169.1x Software as a Service). This course gave me the opportunity to learn the basics of Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Behavioral Driven Design (BDD),...

A new blog is born...

If you want to follow information about what I do, what I research at the moment,... you can take a look at my new blog:

Devoxx 2012

I will be at Devoxx 2012 as from tomorrow until Friday. The most interesting topics that I want to follow this year: JavaEE 7, Arduino and Raspberry PI, Androids and mobile application development factories and what seems a very interesting conference on learning kids to program in Java using Greenfoot, a Java based learning environment for kids.

The Website of Vicromis is now live !

We are happy to announce that the web site of Vicromis is now live ! On this web site, you will find news about Vicromis' activities as well as new projects being undertaken.

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